Who Are we

With our vision ‘A Solution to Strengthen Our Roots’, we propose an idea that enables farmers and agriculture sector to obtain round the clock analysis and result, about nutrient content in their soil.

Punyabhu’s Unique Selling Proposition provides current status of soil health (i.e. content level of macronutrient, soil moisture, soil ph, air humidity and temperature) with suggestion block for farmers targeting specific crops and their required nutrients for a healthy growth.

our inspiration and beliefs

Food undoubtedly is directly linked with the quality of one’s life but also plays a big role in the economic structure of our country. A country whose approximately 58% of the population’s livelihood depends on agriculture sector and accounts for about 17% of the GDP (FY 2018-2019).

But due to lack of soil testing fields we are not able to yield maximum and most of the time fertile land get converted to infertile because of lack of information about nutrient composition in soil.

Hence, we have decided to tap this industry with a solution which would aid large economic growth and improve the citizen’s well-being. Punyabhu tests the soil health and provides with suggestions that not only improve its yield but also the soil’s strength and its fertility (Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium (NPK) levels, pH, Moisture etc). 

Our Team

Varnit Goswami

Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

Priyanshu Singh

Co-Founder &
Chief Technical Officer (Hardware)

Rupal Chugh

Chief Marketing Officer

Sanket Chauhan

Chief Technical Officer (Software)

Pooja Dwivedi

Chief Organizing Officer